Are Harry And Francesca Still Together? Find Out Who Made It In The End And Who Broke Up
The Netflix show Too Hot to Handle gave us a chance to get to know these contestants but what happened once the many, many cameras stopped rolling? We’ll take a look at where they are now and whether or not they’re still looking for love! Haley Cureton was kicked off the show before it was over, but did she keep in touch with her co-conspirator Francesca Farago? Harry Jowsey seemed to settle down but is he still attached or living the single life? According to David Birtwistle, his time on the show changed the way he dates and what he’s looking for in a partner. Matthew Smith was trying to break into the entertainment industry for quite some time, and this might have been the opportunity his career needed! Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul were close on the show and we’ll see whether or not their connection has continued to progress. Nicole O’Brien once turned down a spot on Love Island, so was her first time on reality tv everything she dreamed it would be? Some former participants have decided to focus on finding love, but others are just trying to have as much fun as possible!

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