How to play The Last of Us on PC using RPCS3 Emulator

Special thanks to ZEROx, Illusion & JohnHolmesII (Graphics patches/patch creation), Aphelion Gaming (Trap error patches) and Whatcookie (MLAA Disable patch) for their work on improving our experience with The Last of Us.

One quick correction. In the video, I state that there is no way to fix the broken green rain/water effects. This can be fixed by enabling WCB (Write Color Buffers) in the GPU Tab. However, enabling this setting greatly reduces performance and as a result stability also.

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Emulator Setup & Settings 2:11
Installing the new patch 5:45
Bugs & MLAA Crash Fixes 7:57
Fixing Trap Errors 8:58
Graphics Bug fixes 12:38

NECESSARY FILES (I will not provide games)

RPCS3 Builds

PS3 Firmware

New Patch File (Scroll to the bottom to see editable values. Add a # to disable/enable as before)

Updated Patches for all games will be found here

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Aphelion :

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