Hey guys today I am going to show you how to get free VIP 15, max simoleons, 2 billions of sp, lp & max level 55, on SIMS FREEPLAY in 2020 (ANDROID & IOS )

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The Sims FreePlay Glitch Episodes || Money Cheat || Free Simoleons || Ios & Android (2020)

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1. First, you must log out of your account.
2. Reset the game (so that you don’t have to reinstall it)
3. Log in with the account that you received from me (also in the Facebook application)
4. Click on “Download save data”
5. Click on login then “Continue”
6. Finally, click download the save data
7. And click “Yes”
8. And wait until it connects
9. Log out of my account without making any changes to this account (also from the Facebook application)
10. And then you can log in to your account in the Facebook application & then in the game.
Enjoy the game!!!!!!!

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