One of the most important items you can do to maintain your computers super fast performance is to make a system image. Why is this so vital? As your computer is used, from day to day, it will accumulate corrupt files, registry errors, worms, Trojans, virus’s and rogue programs. Not to mention the programs you may put on the computer, try, and then remove. All of these items plus the fact that your hard drives is going to give you its fair share of file corruptions, mean that everyday your computer is running a little slower than the day before. The only real way to get back all your speed is to format and reinstall your operating system and your programs. In truth most people know this but because they fear the time and hassle this presents they just continue to use their computer and put up with poor performance. Why have the fastest laptop in the world and not let it run at full speed? Now with Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate there is a quick and easy method for recovering your laptops amazing speed.
It called a hard drive image. Micros soft labels this the System Inage feature. Follow the video above to find where the feature is located. Essentially all you need is a separate hard disk or solid state drive that is formatted in the NTFS file format. Essentially what you do is install all your programs, perform all updates and bring on to the laptop any and all images, videos and music you feel you must have on the laptop computer. Then before you start to actually use the laptop, make a system image. Then uncheck the system image box. You don’t want to make multiple images as time goes on because all you will be doing is copying a slightly imperfect hard drive. So let’s say nine months go by and you can feel the laptop is not as fast as it was when you first took delivery. Make a backup of your data files (music picture etc..) and then restore to the original system image. All your programs and updates are back to a like new state. Now just copy your latest data file backup on to the hard drive and now you are as up to date as you were yesterday but your laptop runs as good as it did the date you purchased it. It is also a good idea to use the automatic backup feature as well. Ideally your laptop has two or more drives and your backups take place without your knowledge.

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