The articles on this site explore perspectives on visual culture; they examine how in particular controversial and culturally sensitive visuals shape and are shaped by history, politics, the media, corporate interests, public opinion and the human imagination.

I am interested in exploring the dynamics behind our visual world; in particular how visual representations shape and are shaped by history, politics, the media, public opinion and the public imagination. I am often intrigued by visual representations that are controversial or in some way deemed ‘taboo’.

I hold a doctorate in graphic design culture from the University of New South Wales in Sydney. My PhD thesis focused on the notion of taboo in relation to Australian HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns.

I grew up in Denmark and New Zealand, studied graphic design in London and Amsterdam, and currently live in Northern New South Wales, Australia.

Though I have an academic background, the posts you find here are not meant as academic writings; they are instead explorations of visual topics I find interesting. At times personal, at times critical, and at times more objective in nature.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topics raised.